Current Form 1040A download and print

Current Form 1040A Instructions download and print

The form 1040 is used for an individual tax return to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service for income tax.
Ultimately it determines if you owe taxes or if you are getting a refund.

The form has instructions, so it is easier than it first appears to use.
It serves as a worksheet to figure your filing status.
It asks if you are filing as single or married etc then you list exemptions.

Next You fill in wages salaries and tips and attach any W-2 forms you would have.
It goes on to ask about alimony that you may have received and your schedule C profit or loss from business.
Capital gains, IRA rental income, etc are all listed in the Income section.


Next is the Adjusted Gross Income section.
It asks about some specific sources such as alimony you may have paid out. There is a line for health insurance deductions as well as tuition, etc.

Tax and Credits section asks if you or your spouse was born before January 2, 1946 and are blind. There is an itemized deductions (Schedule A) section.

There are lines for foreign tax credits, child and dependant care expenses, etc. It goes on to ask about other taxes and payments.

That pretty much does it except for the last bit of adding things up to determine if you win or lose.

Page 10 has a chart that helps you to determine whether or not it would be better for you to itemize deductions.

On Page 11, It has a section explaining "Who Can Use Form 1040 A" and "When you must use form 1040 A."

Page 13 has line instructions to walk you through the form.

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