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IRS Form Schedule C
Profit Or Loss From Business

Download to print the IRS Form Schedule C here.

Download to print the IRS form Schedule C Instructions here.

Part 1 Income
This section asks you to define the sources of your income and come up with a gross income figure.

Part 2 Expenses
This is where you get to list the expenses that you want to deduct.
Advertising, Car and truck expenses, (you can take the mileage or straight costs),commissions and fees, contract labor, depletion, depreciation and some expense deduction, employee benefit programs, insurance (other than health), Interest, mortgage, legal and professional expenses.

The second column asks about office expenses, pensions and profit sharing plans, rent or lease expense, for vehicles, machinery and equipment and other business property repairs and maintenance, certain supplies, taxes and licenses, travel meals and entertainment, utilities, wages, other expenses.

It also mentions business use of the home.
You arrive at the section where you do the math and realize if you had a profit or loss if you didn't already know.

Part 3
Deals with cost of goods sold.

Part 4
Information on your vehicle.
This is where you figure the numbers refer back to line 9.

Part 5
Other Expenses.

It would behoove you to take a look at the instructions page just to be clear about the details.

You don't want to find out later on that you couldn't deduct the hotel room expenses for those show girls you met in Vegas.