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Form 1040 Schedule SE download and print here.

Form 1040 Schedule SE Instructions

Download and print the forms above.

Use this if you had an income of $400.00 or more as a self employed person - if you are in business for yourself you are self employed.

If you are an employee of a church and church organization and had an income of $108.28 (for 2012 tax year) you have to pay SE tax.
Read more in the instructions.

Ministers and members of religious orders.
In most cases you must pay tax on salaries and other income from services performed as a minister of a religious order who has not taken a vow of poverty or a Christian Science practitioner.

If you filed Form 4361 and received IRS approval you will be exempt from paying SE tax on those net earnings.
Read more in the Instructions Page.

Members of some recognized religious sects in existence since December 31, 1950 and provide a reasonable level of living for it's members have special instructions concerning social security.

Page 2 of the Instructions for 1040 Schedule SE covers:

  • U. S. citizens employed by foreign governments or international organizations.

  • U.S. citizens living outside of the country
  • Non-resident Alien
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases
  • Joint returns
  • Community Income
  • More than one business

Page 3 of the Instructions for 1040 Schedule SE covers:

  • Qualified Joint Ventures
  • Fiscal year filers

  • More about church income
  • Partnership Income or Loss

Page 4 of the Instructions for 1040 Schedule SE covers:

  • Share farming
  • Other Income and Losses Included in Net Earnings From Self-Employment.
  • Other Income and Losses Not Included in Net Earnings From Self-Employment.
  • Statutory Employee Income
Page 5 of the Instructions for 1040 Schedule SE covers:
  • Optional Methods
  • Changing Your Method
  • Farm Optional Method
  • Non-Farm Optional Method
  • Using Both Optional Methods