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Making Work Pay Credit

Form 1040 Schedule M download and print here.

Form 1040 Schedule M Instructions download and print here.


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You cannot take the making work pay credit if you can be claimed as a someone else's dependant or if you are a non-resident alien.

You can take the credit if you earned income from work.

The credit can be as much as $400.00 or $800.00 if you are filing jointly.

The amount of income you are earning defines if you can take the credit.

People above 90 - 100 thousand or so filing single or somewhere around 200 thousand or so for married couples can't take the credit.
It will change from year to year so be sure to check the current information.

The instructions are a must read if you are thinking about going for the credit.

If you earned money in prison, there is something about that.

There are a bunch of things to consider, and you can or can't take the credit based on a number of if's and's or but's so read the instructions diligently.



By Roger Chartier