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The IRS provides us with several different 1040 forms.

These come with instructions, therefore things are easier to understand.

Each web page addresses a different form, and it's issues and instructions. Take note of the update pages for tax bracket changes for 2014.

The form 1040 will address filing status, exemptions, income, adjusted gross income, tax and credits and other taxes, credits, earned income credit etc., as a worksheet, so that you know where you stand with the IRS as far as taxes owed either way.

It works well in the end as the form keeps us organized and the details are clear to us and the IRS.

This is always a good thing.


The form 1040A is similar but simpler.

The 1040 ES is how to figure how to pay your estimated tax on income that is not subjected to withholding.

1040 EZ is what it says:
Income tax form for single and joint filers with no dependants.

1040 form SA is for itemized deductions such as medical, dental, taxes paid, interest paid, gifts to charity, casualty and theft and miscellaneous.

1040 SB is for interest and ordinary dividends.

1040 SC - Schedule C - profit and loss from business - sole proprietorship.

1040 SM - Making Work Pay Credit - read the instructions

1040 SSE - Self Employment Tax

1040 X - Amended US Individual Income Tax Return.

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